You have to start somewhere

I took the plunge.  I started my blog.  I have an extremely basic knowledge of what this is all about.  But, as it turns out, that is the whole reason behind this blog.  It’s time to start embracing interests.  It’s time to be courageous and take a step out on faith.

There is much pressure on us to be good at everything.  I grab my phone and open social media, only to see that I’m supposed to give the most creative birthday parties, vacation in exotic places, cook fabulous meals every night, budget our income, and harvest my own herbs.  I sadly discovered, many years ago, that I am not Super-Woman. and it’s not possible for me to be an expert in all these fields.  So, I feel like it’s good for my mental health to allow myself to be good, not an expert, in many different areas.  I don’t have to be perfect.  I can celebrate the fact that I don’t have to achieve perfection or even project perfection to the world.  I suspect there are others out in this world that feel the same way. Let’s all be the average.  How’s that?

This is a resource to learn a little about a lot things.  Undoubtedly, there will be articles and ideas that speak to you.  If something sparks an interest in you for a new hobby or area of study, then wonderful.  Pursue it with all your heart.  Learn as much or as little as you want about that subject.  As for me?  I’m going to be trying new things as well and this is the place where I will share my triumphs and failures.  Maybe you will enjoy learning and laughing along with me as I try things.

God gave us curious minds and intelligence to learn.  Let’s try it together.

“Perfection is overrated…it doesn’t exist.  We are all hopelessly flawed and life is messy. The beauty of life lies in between what we’ve learned and how we grow”                                                                                                                                          – unknown


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